Lake Arrowhead Sunset

As the sunsets over Lake Arrowhead, the day is done but the journey is not over.  Are you enjoying life?

Christmas Boat

Decorated the main with LED Lights.

No Wind, No Direction

Over the Summer, we participated in a race and had absolutely no wind.  The water almost was a picture perfect glass appearance.

Stacey's Journey

Stacey's Story on Health & Wellness

Stacey's Journey

"45 lbs.!!! I finally said no to buying a bigger size of jeans. I was sluggish and tired all the time.
At 44 my doc said my blood sugar was borderline and I needed to do something. My mom had passed away at the young age of 54 with heart failure, diabetes and a long list of health issues. With this in my family history, I knew I was headed down the same path. It was time to start taking better care of myself. 
I discovered an amazing all natural system that has helped me do just that. In just a few short months I was down 45 lbs. WOW! I gained more energy, better sleep and my blood sugar was back to normal ranges. I started shopping in the back of my closet and wearing those jeans I hadn't seen in a long time. You know the ones you keep saying someday you will fit back into? 
Are you tired of buying bigger jeans, feeling exhausted and sluggish all the time like I was? If so, we need to talk. I can help you get back into those someday jeans again, gain energy and attain a level of wellness that you need and deserve!"


Catalina 25

When Dave and Stacey are not traveling, they are generally out on Lake Arrowhead, TX aboard their Catalina 25, Swing Keel sailboat.  Although they are very new at sailing, they still manage to navigate through Lake Arrowhead and make it back successfully.  Sailing can be a rigorous sport, especially when they are competing against other sailors.  The picture on the right is the Harvest Winds Regatta.

Picture by Pam Feix Tyler

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Next Steps...

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